What To Do If Your Dog Suffers From Gas

There are several factors that can influence the digestive process that can lead to your dog or puppy having flatulence (gas), but among the main factors are changes in the intestine.

 Digestion in Pets And Gas Formation

Most of this flatulence are gases formed by methane, hydrogen sulfide, or carbon dioxide.

The digestive system includes everything related to the admission of food, that is, the organs involved in the journey that food makes are lips, gums, teeth, tongue; with its transport: pharynx and esophagus; with its digestion: stomach, intestine, pancreas, liver: and finally, with its expulsion to the outside: anal region.

Digestion starts from the pet’s mouth when the canines consume the food. Structural changes as in brachycephalic breeds such as Pugs, Boston terriers, bulldogs, or Shih-Tzus that, due to their conformation, carry an accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract due to increased swallowing of air during food intake.

Other causes that can lead to flatulence are

  • A digestive disorder, due to a poor diet can lead to intolerance of some foods.
  • Food residue in the colon.
  • Poor absorption of carbohydrates, which can upset the balance of helpful bacteria in the digestive system.
  • Constipation, since the longer food residues remain in the colon, the more time they have to ferment.
  • A sedentary lifestyle can also lead to increased flatulence in canines.
  • A change in the bacteria in the small and large intestines.

The importance of the health and preservation of the gut microbiome in pets

Within the digestive system of our pets there is a world which, over the years and the great advances in technology, we have been discovering and understanding how it works and how fascinating it can be.

Within the article about tips for the canine digestive system, there is something called the microbiome, which are good microorganisms “resident in the intestine and the number of microorganisms that live there is so enormous, which report that it is one of the most densely populated communities, even more than the soil than the subsoil and oceans. They are indispensable for the correct corporal growth, the development of the immunity and the nutrition of the pet”.

Recommendations to improve digestion in our dogs

Among the recommendations for the protection of the digestive system of our pets, it is recommended to give the necessary amount of food for the pet divided into several portions during the day because, if the problem is the speed at which it is consumed, without having a process of complete chewing and swallows too much air, with this tip we will help to reduce aerophagia.

If you are going to make any changes in the pet’s diet, it is necessary to do it gradually, since changes in food from one day to the next can generate the accumulation of gases.

An exercise routine or walks that the pet does will lead to more regular motility in the digestive system.

If your dog or puppy is suffering from too much gas, ensure that you contact the veterinary or professional breeder as soon as possible. Notes from our friends at Mini Goldens 4 You, who now offer   Miniature Bernedoodle puppies for sale

The Red poodle Puppy Fever!!

Are you a lover of adorable poodles? I’m sure you have noticed that these special dog breeds come in soft and dense coats, but they don’t have any undercoats. One unique feature of these dogs is the fur, which becomes curly when the dog reaches maturity. Their hair will be entangled in the coats when the dog sheds. For that, you might think that your poodle is not shedding. However, proper maintenance will keep your furry buddy well-groomed. That said, here are some hair grooming tips for your red poodle:


1.  Brush him daily


Ideally, brush your red poodle every day. Doing this will help to eliminate the loose dirt, mats, and hair that are entangled in the fur. Ideally, use a soft brush, and brush against the direction of the hair growth. If there are any mats in the fur, apply some cornstarch to them before you separate them using your fingers. Make sure to start from the tip of the fur as you move towards the skin.


2.  Bathe him once every week


Bathing your poodle is important and it helps to eliminate the entangled hair, dirt, or mat. However, you should not bathe him every day, lest it triggers excessive shedding. Professional grooming must be done after every six to eight weeks. Before you start bathing the dog, brush him completely to remove any mats. Ensure you place a cotton ball in the poodle’s ears to prevent water from getting in. Also, add a drop of castor oil in every eye to prevent shampoo irritation when you bathe him.


3.  Fluff-dry your pet regularly


Do you know what fluff-drying is? If you don’t, I will tell you about it. This is a process of brushing the coat of your poodle as you blow-dry him. You will point the blow dryer directly to where you are brushing the dog. This is another way of eliminating the tight curls that tangle easily.


4.  Rinse him thoroughly after every bath


A lot of poodle owners bathe their dogs very well, but they don’t raise them properly. You should know that the long ears of the poodle will hold suds like pieces of the bathing sponge. Also, splash plenty of water under the inner legs {which are mostly ignored by many dog lovers. Ensure you feel the whole body for any soapy area and rinse it thoroughly.


A good way of having an easy time bathing and grooming your poodle is by training him while still young. Make sure you clip and scissor train your red poodle puppy for you to make the grooming process fun and easy.


Redhead Heaven Poodles –  is one of the leading red miniature poodles for sale breeders in San Diego. They can also offer grooming training for the Red Poodle Puppies, which gives you an easy time.

Dutch Shepherd Boarding and Breeding

As a dog owner, it can be very hard to choose what to do about your pet as you plan to leave for work or if you are having any other commitments. For most of the dog lovers, it would be great to go everywhere with their dogs, sad enough, it’s not acceptable.

Dog boarding offers very great alternatives when you have to go somewhere. It provides your dog with a comfortable place to stay while playing or interacting with other dogs. Dog boarding provides high-quality pet care for your dog to thrive in. Additionally, it is a safe environment where your dog can interact with other dogs during the day either for short or long hours. Vonfalconer Dog boarding services may be the right answer for your dog`s “home alone” issue, here are some of the benefits;

  • Comfortable and Secure

There is some level of guilt associated with leaving your dog alone at home, this option is the best to relieve your stress. With dog boarding, you are not likely to worry about your pet acting alone without supervision. The dogs are given access to an indoor dog park and other many activities. It will get his or her own little vacation that comprises of many fun activities. The dog boarding staff also keeps you updated on the dog’s progress while at their hands. The dog owners will only need to hand the staff with the dog’s medical history and documents so that what needs to be done is done on time.

  • Socialization

When you take your dog to such facilities they will have the opportunity to interact with other dogs. They play in groups of many therefore improving their social skills while at the same time having fun. The environments also make your dog learn to stay in new environments making them calmer and less stressed.

  • Physical activity

These services will give your dog a chance to be very active physically in the day. Your dog will have a very good opportunity to play with other dogs through the playgroups helping them burn fats. Physical activities are key to helping your dog to remain in good condition. This also prevents diseases such as obesity among other health defects.

As much as it is fine to become sad and uneasy about leaving your family behind, it can make your dog upset by sensing your discomfort.

Finding a good dog boarding center is one way of ensuring that your dog is in safe hands. Vonfalconer Dutch Shepherd Breeders is among the best places to take your dog for professional care services.

4 Reasons For Getting a Naked Cat

Should you get a hairless cat? Maybe you should. Whether you want to go for the bambino cat, Sphynx, or Elf Cat, these naked cat breeds tend to have some amazing temperaments that make them a good pet. So, is it worth adopting or buying a naked cat? Here are some few things to remind you just how amazing it is to have a hairless cat at home.


1. They won’t mess up your sofa/carpet


Of course, this is the first reason some people go for the naked cat. It is obvious that they don’t have the fur that might shed too often like other breeds of cat. Don’t you hate it when you are forced to clean the sofa or carpet because of the cat fur? This is not only time consuming, but it can be quite costly to do so. So the naked cats eliminate that worry of having cat hair all over the house.


2. Hypoallergenic No More Sneezes


If you or someone in the family suffers from respiratory disorders like asthma, they might be sensitive and vulnerable around cats with hair. But with the naked cats, you won’t have to worry about the allergies. Everything is okay since they don’t shed.


3. They are the best companion indoors


Imagine having a cat in the house, but then he walks out and goes to chase some mice outside. Maybe she just wants to go bask in the sun. In other words, you don’t get the time to cuddle with her and enjoy the purring. Naked cats are totally different because they will keep you company all day long and night too. They are sensitive to the direct sun, which means they are specifically meant to stay indoors. If you are a couch-potato and you need a companion, a naked cat can be the best fit.


4. They are not dangerous around the babies


Do you have young kids and toddlers in the house? You don’t have to worry when you have a Bambino cat at home. Actually, their name typically means baby, so they will also get along with the kids. They will not bite or put their nails on the skin of the babies. They are not too aggressive, but you should always monitor your babies and toddlers around the cats. Also, don’t leave kittens around children.


So now you know why getting a naked cat can be a great idea. They are also easy to maintain and have a strong immunity to last for up to 15 years.


If you decide to get a naked cat, Purrbastetsphynxandbambinos sphynx kittens for sale California are in plenty to give you a chance to choose the cat of your choice. 

Help Your Furry Buddy With Some Dog Training


Do you own an adorable furry buddy at home? Are you having a good time with him? Yes, you do. But there’s a BUT. What is amiss? What is that thing that makes you think of giving him out to the neighbor? Is it because he is super cute? Of course, not.


Maybe it’s because he has short fur? Not exactly. But what’s really the problem?
It’s his behavior. He tends to snap and just lose his cool sometimes. He can start barking at the visitor or the neighbor. Also, he could just start jumping on the sofa and ripping off the cushions. If you leave the stuffed animals in your daughter’s room, Mr. Furry Buddy will tear them apart.


What’s The Solution?


You might be wondering what step to take next when the dog is misbehaving. Giving him out won’t solve a thing. Neither will be whipping him do him or you any good. So, what you need is to take your dog to some training lessons.


A good dog training session can save you a lot. When the dog has reached a point when he is grown but still doesn’t behave well, you need to take him to a specialized dog trainer The dog trainer will take him through stages of coaching and training to help him get out of the nasty behavior cocoon into a well-behaved nest.


Can’t I Do It On My Own?


A lot of dog owners believe that they can handle their dogs since they are their masters. Well, it is true that you are your dog’s master. However, you may not have the necessary skills to help you furry buddy leave the old behavior that he’s accustomed to. That is why you need a professional trainer.


Also, you might end up beating up the dog if he doesn’t follow your commands. There are also some tricks that the dog will learn from the training masters, which you might not be aware of. So training the dog yourself is not the best idea.


But Isn’t Professional Dog Training Too Expensive?


Honestly, it isn’t as cheap as such to take your dog to the trainer, but you also won’t have to break the bank to get him trained. There are some top-rated experts that offer dog training in San Diego, California. They are quite reliable, and also affordable.


If you are looking to get a San Diego Dog Training service, Sierra Golden Retrievers is one of the best places to take your furry buddy. They are affordable, reliable, have good customer support, and also have a super-friendly support team.

How To keep your Boxer Dog Healthy

In general, the well-being of your pet dogs depends heavily on the quality and type of foods you give them. It is important to have control of the diet for Boxer breeders in order to protect them from the disease. Some foods are actually harmful to the health and body of your brindle Boxer. That’s why I want to talk to you here about the best diet for this breed of dog, which, it must be emphasized, has very fragile health.

Before going into the heart of the matter, I must specify that there are two categories of this animal on the subject of Boxer’s skin: the Boxer and the Brindle Boxer. But the skin color does not determine the quality of the diet to be followed to one or the other.

Indeed, the quantity and type of meal to be served must respect in particular the Boxer’s age, his state of health, his training level, his weight, and his environment. The food also varies depending on whether the dog is castrated or not. And for good reason, your Boxer, when castrated, does not require a huge nutritional intake.

Brindle boxer food

Brindle boxer diet: What to remember

When it comes to choosing the best diet for the Boxer, just be aware that this animal can adapt to many kinds of foods including croquettes, wet foods and other meals. Whatever the feeding option, it has its strengths and weaknesses.

If you choose kibbles that are part of dry foods, make sure they are really good. They must not contain too much corn and wheat. This is what allows your Boxer to be satisfied without being forced to fill the stomach because its greedy character is likely to make him sick. The option of kibble has several advantages including ease of storage, to measure the number of meals to give the Boxer. The preservation of the teeth and gums of the animal is also ensured by the diet based on croquettes. In the same wake, you are sure that the stool of your Boxer will be rather solid. In addition, the price of the bowl of croquettes is accessible, which comes to relieve your budget.

Split the daily ration of your Boxer equally into 2 meals (for large and medium sizes) or 3 (for small sizes) per day.

In addition, you can get your Boxer dog used to wet foods that, it should be mentioned, have the advantage of being high in protein and ensure your companion good hydration. Being perishable, wet food must remain well closed for lasting resistance. But after opening the box containing the moist food, it must be kept in the refrigerator. You can alternate between the two types of food.


If your Boxer has a specific health concern, I advise you to take the advice of the veterinarian before choosing a diet.

Wet foods are convenient for feeding puppies and older dogs because of the lack of strength of their teeth.

If the animal is overweight, wet foods are recommended especially for their high protein content. But he can also eat protein-rich croquettes.

The best choice, regardless of the type of food, is to go to Premium foods. While it’s expensive, but it’s natural and organic.