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Old Boxer dog. Portrait on white background

The greatest determination of Boxer Dog Planet is that of rescuing seniors who nobody wants and who are condemned, at best, to end their life behind bars. They do not deserve this! These dogs considered older and younger, that we take care of, require, for most of them, heavy care, permanent and extremely expensive whose costs are fully supported by the association, including the end of life and incineration out of respect for them.

We currently have more than 50 boxers in permanent foster care and their numbers are growing. The association lives only through donations and adoption fees. These funds are used mainly to pay the fees of veterinarians and pensions with which we work, for lack of foster families.

We really need your help to save them and make their end of life as dignified as possible! If you fell in love with one of them, sponsor it! You will become his godfather or godmother and receive regular news! The duration and amount of sponsorship are totally free. If your godchild is adopted, you will have the choice to renew your sponsorship on another boxer or to put an end to it.

Thank you for them, thank you for the one who touched your heart!