Why A Boxer?

A superb dog whose strength and Beauty are visible to the naked eye and can even impress. Athletic and powerful, he has a huge need to work hard. Long walks to let off steam and crazy games are necessary for his balance.

He devotes a real adoration to his family and is very protective of her. He is overflowing with affection and is in great demand for contact. Sure of him and courageous, he will not hesitate to defend those he loves if a situation that he considers “threatening” presents itself.

With a very cheerful and dynamic temperament, even exuberant, he knows how to remain calm and gentle with children. He is the ideal “Nanny” for them.

He does not enjoy staying alone for long and feels good only in the company of his masters with whom he shares with undisguised happiness, exits and the warmth of his home, preferably in a chair or a comfortable sofa.

Be careful however, the boxer is part of the family of Molasses. “Made” originally with fighting dogs, his taste for fighting is often present. Masters to be attentive and rigorous!

The boxer is an exceptional dog, very endearing and affectionate, who can give his life to save that of those he loves.

Multiple Boxers

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