The Red poodle Puppy Fever!!

Are you a lover of adorable poodles? I’m sure you have noticed that these special dog breeds come in soft and dense coats, but they don’t have any undercoats. One unique feature of these dogs is the fur, which becomes curly when the dog reaches maturity. Their hair will be entangled in the coats when the dog sheds. For that, you might think that your poodle is not shedding. However, proper maintenance will keep your furry buddy well-groomed. That said, here are some hair grooming tips for your red poodle:


1.  Brush him daily


Ideally, brush your red poodle every day. Doing this will help to eliminate the loose dirt, mats, and hair that are entangled in the fur. Ideally, use a soft brush, and brush against the direction of the hair growth. If there are any mats in the fur, apply some cornstarch to them before you separate them using your fingers. Make sure to start from the tip of the fur as you move towards the skin.


2.  Bathe him once every week


Bathing your poodle is important and it helps to eliminate the entangled hair, dirt, or mat. However, you should not bathe him every day, lest it triggers excessive shedding. Professional grooming must be done after every six to eight weeks. Before you start bathing the dog, brush him completely to remove any mats. Ensure you place a cotton ball in the poodle’s ears to prevent water from getting in. Also, add a drop of castor oil in every eye to prevent shampoo irritation when you bathe him.


3.  Fluff-dry your pet regularly


Do you know what fluff-drying is? If you don’t, I will tell you about it. This is a process of brushing the coat of your poodle as you blow-dry him. You will point the blow dryer directly to where you are brushing the dog. This is another way of eliminating the tight curls that tangle easily.


4.  Rinse him thoroughly after every bath


A lot of poodle owners bathe their dogs very well, but they don’t raise them properly. You should know that the long ears of the poodle will hold suds like pieces of the bathing sponge. Also, splash plenty of water under the inner legs {which are mostly ignored by many dog lovers. Ensure you feel the whole body for any soapy area and rinse it thoroughly.


A good way of having an easy time bathing and grooming your poodle is by training him while still young. Make sure you clip and scissor train your red poodle puppy for you to make the grooming process fun and easy.


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