How To Pick The Right Pet Boarding

Requiring the center to have the advice and supervision of a veterinarian is the best way to avoid problems

The supply of temporary shelters for pets whose services and facilities satisfy customers is scarce in the US. Although most pet owners want to travel with their favorite animal, there are times when travel conditions make it inadvisable. In that case, the most suitable option is to leave the pets in a reputable pet boarding center. Some call it a pet hotel.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Pet Boarding

Consider the Condition of the Hotel

The offer of services in the care of animals is very wide, but not all of them are of quality. And pet owners demand basic conditions, among which it is worth highlighting the cleanliness of the facilities, the care and professional attention to the animal, veterinary supervision, accommodation in individual cages, quality food, and home delivery and collection service.

In addition to the basics, many owners want their animal to be “at home”, so they look for covered accommodation, and event facilities with air conditioning in the summer period and heating during the winter months; the level of demand of some goes so far as to claim web cameras that allow the owner to view the animal from the screen of a computer terminal from any destination.

Veterinary support

The selected place must have the advice and supervision of a veterinarian. A priori, this condition is obvious, since these so-called “zoological nuclei” (facilities for the temporary maintenance of domestic animals of non-productive species, establishments for the sale of animals, and establishments for the practice of horse riding) legally start their activity must have the pertinent legal authorization. The license is mandatory when the owner of the business intends to welcome several dogs greater than five. To obtain it, two requirements are required:

  • Adequate facilities to house animals.
  • Compulsory veterinary support is responsible for the animal treatment program, as well as the center’s hygiene and prophylaxis.

The centers must have the advice and supervision of a veterinarian

The appearance of gastrointestinal problems can also be caused by the pet’s stay in a residence that does not comply with all the laws. The cause lies, in most cases, in an inadequate diet or changes in diet. Faced with this risk, many residents choose to ask the owners for the corresponding diet and feed for the days of stay. Regardless of whether owners want to bring specific food for their pets, a center of this type must offer quality feed and respect the diets of each animal housed in its facilities.

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