Begin Learning TTouch Method for Obedience Training

The Tellington (TTouch) method owes its name to Linda Telling-Jones, an animal expert who developed this tool to improve a dog’s behavior and willingness to learn.

The T-Touch is not a training method or a manipulation technique, but a different way of living the relationship with your dog. It is based on a circular movement (small massage), caressing the entire body of the animal, to stimulate the functionality and viability of the cells.

Advantages of the massage technique:

Promotes learning

It has been scientifically proven that circular movements made in the animal’s body simultaneously activate four types of brain waves and allow the release of hormones that reduce stress, promoting learning (relaxation of the animal reduces the anxiety that normally interferes with its ability to Learn).

Strengthens the bond with the owner

Among other positive effects of this method is also to improve and strengthen the understanding between the owner and the dog. This results in an improvement in the state of well-being, both physical and mental animals.

Types of massage.

Some may seem like TTouch massage therapy, but its purpose is not to relax muscles but to produce lasting changes in behavior. This method is currently used by owners, educators, veterinarians. The various types of TTouch are named after the animals they are inspired by, and upon which the Tellingtons worked.
Each is used for a specific purpose: for example, the clouded leopard is used to relax the dog, TTouch python to stimulate circulation, shell for fearful dogs, a razor for dogs that don’t like to be touched, bear of areas, raccoon itchy wounds, or swellings, etc.

To work with the TTouch on a dog it is necessary to know well in order to be able to assess sudden and unexpected reactions (eg fearful or aggressive dog).

The TTouch is also accompanied by some exercises, which are used to teach dogs to obey when they are free, and the obstacle course helps develop self-awareness and confidence in their own abilities. The dog learns to think and work together to overcome an obstacle since he has to focus on the work that is required. From a physical point of view, this type of exercise makes the dog more agile and improves its balance.

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