Important Things To Know Before Buying/Adopting A German Shepherd


You need to be well informed about German Shepherds before you decide to purchase one. Having one of these dogs requires a lot of commitment and you should be ready to cope up with them.

You can do your research on your own or seek recommendations from some of your friends who have interacted with these dogs before. Ensure that you know yourself, if you’re a dog person or not. This will help you to decide on your willingness to have one. Will discuss some of the important points you need to know before buying or adopting a German shepherd.

  1. They are intelligent

German shepherds are extensively the smartest dogs you could ever come across. With them, you’ll never struggle giving out instruction whether in training or when you need something from them. Their intelligent aspect always pushes them to try different training tactics every day. They can make anything possible just to please you. With a German shepherd be ready to experience a lot of fun.

  1. They are natural guard dogs.

Don’t be shocked when seeing your German Shepherd barking at strangers. They have an instinct of protecting their territory. This is an important aspect for you know. This will help you to shape your dog’s character during training. That is when to bark whom to bark too and the territorial boundaries.

In case you are adopting an older German shepherd make sure to seek the help of the previous owner when introducing it to a new environment. It will help you to know how it behaves and how it was trained. You can also introduce your training procedure at this time.

  1. They are good listeners

Be ready to have a great conversation with your German shepherd. They know how to be attentive and follow every conversation you engage in with it. You’ll see them watch your voice and tilt their head in agreement. You should, therefore, know that they are the greatest company you could seek for.

  1. They might have a high energy need

If you are just an indoor person, German shepherds might not be the right fit for you. These dogs are naturally working dogs; they love engaging in high-energy activities every day. This explains why they are highly preferred by the police. Make sure to always create a job for them to do, or you schedule for a field time severally for them to have free experience.

 Final words

It is normally said experience is the best teacher, but my advice to you is to take into account these 4 points. But above all, ensure that you talk to a qualified German shepherd breeder to help you accordingly.

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